Urgent Message

URGENT: An important message from the Director

Greetings, Players – this is the Director. Vital information relating to scoring follows. PLEASE SHARE THIS to fellow players.

We’re continuing to investigate the somewhat suspicious circumstances of the website some of you uncovered this weekend. Here is what we currently know:

1) The Reality Website has developed a peculiar dislike for crediting certain collaborators. You may be adding them in the Deal, but they’re coming in with no authors except the submitter when we review them. So far, we’ve seen this affecting primarily those who have changed their display names to codenames. I would like to particularly apologize to The Nest – your codenames seem to be affected for some reason.

As imitation is said to be a sincere form of flattery, I note that other players are now adopting codenames – in one case, their deal also came in blank.

We’re inclined to think this is a b izarre coincidenc e and not a sinister action. It is unthinkable that someone w ould ha ve seen ear ly points le aders and chosen to target them. It is prob abl y nothing more mena c ing than a software glitch. K eep playing the good gam e you a r e playi ng and a ll will be well.

2) The Reality Website has also developed a peculiar dislike for certain submissions. If you submit a deal you should see a confirmation the deal was successfully submitted. If you do not, and you are returned to the start of the blank submission screen, something’s gone wrong. The deal did not get submitted.

To prevent future delays and fight this glitch/ghost in the system, do the following:

first: tweet at us and let us know you’ve just submitted. We’ll look and confirm.

a) try again with a different team member’s account and preferably on a different computer
b) email us all materials to uncncld at gmail.com
this should be:

i) name of project
ii) logline
iii)cover photo
iv) youtube link for project/other key files
v) other photos
vi) list of cards used, card numbers in particular
vii) photo of card layout
viii) all authors – use the 8-letter user logins you were given, not your codenames for maximum speed (we’re entering the data by hand right now straight into the system)

and tweet at us so we know to check this email

As I reported earlier, we’re seeing hopeful signs the office will be returned to us. Keep making deals. Our negotiations can only be helped by continued project creation – and don’t be deterred by these irksome issues. You’re uncanceled, you aren’t going to be stopped by a bug or a daemon.

The Director